Let's Talk Boys, with Ali Carr-Chellman
Paul Darvasi and Ludic Learning


Paul works out of the Royal St. Georges College for boys in Toronto Canda, and has a unique approach to instruction as an English and Media arts educator.  His blog about using the game "Gone Home" shows the power and importance of video game play for boys. 



Gender Matters with James Gee


Known in the academic world as the most well known pioneer of games in education, James Gee gives an interview on "Why Identity Matters" including gender.  His insights on the matter of gender in education reveals that individual characterstics are imperative components of ones ability to learn.  



Games Teach! with Kurt Squire


Kurt Squire has been a prominant figure in the games and learning movement within education today. His research has lead him to become founder and Director of Games, Learning and Society. With the collection of top researchers and developers, this organization brings together cutting edge research and innovative design for the infusion of games-based learning experiences.  



Bring Back the Boys

is a research-based website that focuses on the familial, social, cultural and educational factors that relate to the healthy growth and development of boys.  We aim to inspire parents, educators and researchers to recognize and address needs that are unique to boy culture.

Boys Are...

In the 2006 PBS documentary, Raising Cain: Boys in Focus, we learned that shockingly, 85% of all stimulant medications are prescribed to American boys.

The facts are plain, if puzzling: Not only do women enter college at higher rates than men, but they're less likely to drop out once they get there. Female grads now account for about 60% of U.S. bachelor's degree holders.

The dialogue has gone on too long in terms of women alone. Let men join women in the center of the second stage." --Betty Friedan

In the 2006 PBS documentary, Raising Cain: Boys in Focus, we learned that shockingly, 85% of all stimulant medications are prescribed to American boys.

Media Talks

View interviews and presentations on re-engaing boys as well as success stories and advice from teachers, parents and reseachers.

Ask Ali

Frequently asked questions and misconceptions of research discussed.

Media for Boys



Heroes of the Blue Sky Rebellion: offers a thought provoking and practical look at the invisible face of sexism in U.S. culture and the problems it causes for boys and young men.   This book targets boys and men ages 13 to 23, but it is a must read for any parent of a boy or for that matter, a girl.  


Heroes is a how-to-guide for understanding the complexities of sexism against boys and in 97 pages offers several practical and easy to understand steps for boys who must wrestle with issues created by sexism that impacts them on the playground, at school, at work, and in their relationships with girls and adult women and men.

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Digital games


Econauts: Econauts immerses players in a rich environment, making difficult-to-observe ecological phenomena visible in a living landscape that players explore and examine to explain the relationships between choices that humans make and their ecological consequences.


Minecraft: Fun for all ages as you can be a builder and designer of your own world. Players have the opportunity to explore various building various structures including buidlings, cars, bridges, narural environments and more. Players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things.


Toca Boca Games: A series of apps that are excellent for pre K- 1 grade. With a variety of colorful and creative games and characters, Toca Boca games focus on exploration of the social world as well as interactive relationships. 



The Lego Movie: This is an exceptional movie that encourages viewers to be innovative and learn from failure. It inspires it's viewers to not be afraid to be themselves through a common activity for boys of buidling with blocks. 


How to Train Your Dragon:

Boys love dragons and adventures, so here a movie about both. It is a sequal to the successful break out movie. This movie teaches about friendship, family and responsibiiity.


Up: A compelling story about an elderly man that loses the his wife and strives to make her unrealized dream come true. This story teaches boys about how to make the best of life even when it doesn't unravel the way you've planned it.

Supporting Resources: Bring Back the Boys