Her current research and teaching includes work with games in schools, both educational and commercial/entertainment.  She is currently interested in the attitudes of teachers and parents toward gaming in the classroom and has a TED talk on the topic of using games to re-engage boys in their own schooling.  She has published more than 100 refereed journal articles, books, book chapters and manuscripts around issues associated with systemic change and emancipation.  She serves on the editorial board for *Educational Technology Research and Development.  *Her most recent book, *Instructional Design for Teachers* from Routledge publishers helps to improve classroom practice with systematic approaches to the creation of new curriculum and instruction.  Ali is currently serving on the Commission to create a White House Council on Boys to Men. 


For more on Ali and her research, check out her website.  Also visit Ask Ali for an opportunity to ask her about current research. 

Ali Carr-Chellman

Our team is dedicated to providing reliable information on educational trends as it relates to boys.  These resources include newspaper articles, blogs, as well as scholarly reviewed literature.  As many resources on boys, education and research are dispersed, we have used this website to compile and organize these resources for the community to access.  

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